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Border Checks, Police turning drivers from England away at the Scottish Border?


Since the start of this pandemic, there have been some great media hype and falsehoods spread about the virus and many other stories, from 5g masts to how the virus started.

Now it seems according to the ‘Scottish Daily Record’ we may well face police stopping motorists driving up to Scotland from England.

In a sense, they already do, as with current restrictions, you can only carry out essential travel in the UK.

The Record states, Motorists from England face being turned back at the Border if Boris Johnson eases lockdown restrictions before Nicola Sturgeon.

The two leaders were last night on a collision course over whether it would be safe to relax measures to curb the spread of Covid-19.

Now, a senior police officer said the force would have to take action if Scotland had different rules on movement to the rest of the UK.



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Funny how there is no mention of whom the senior police officer is…

Currently, drivers from both sides of the border have been stopped and fined for essential travel, one being a family from Glasgow travelling to London to visit other family members.

The Record continues to state, a senior officer with Police Scotland told the Record motorists would be stopped from crossing the Border unless their journey was deemed essential.

When asked what would happen if the two governments were out of step, he said: “Therein lies the 64million dollar question. They (drivers) are likely to be, on face value, turned back or face prosecution.”

It is believed the issue hasn’t been discussed in full yet at police or government level but all eyes will be on Sunday’s Cobra meeting chaired by the PM.

Yes, there will be problems if Scottish and Westminster come out of the lockdown at different rates with different policies but for the record to say that there will basically be border checks when the police have enough on their plate and are currently like many emergency services seek support not media mumbo jumbo by trying to stir up false claims only supported by “A Senior Police Officer” who is nameless and faceless, easy to make stories up with that type of journalism.


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