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Scotland’s Route 66 is much as the NC500 is, which is just a name to promote the Highlands.

The NC500 has certainly been successful in doing what it set out and the increase in visitors is testimony to that.

Like all things that are set up to haul in visitors it kinda became a victim of its own success. Not enough was done to ensure that the correct infrastructure was in place for the right type of visitor.

Even now after 3-4 years, the infrastructure is being added albeit at a slower than required pace.

The success of the NC500 has been a great boost to the Highland economy and has increased revenue and jobs which hopefully may help to stop the vast amount of youngsters from the Highlands that leave to find work or a better standard of life.

Even with travel books that are well worth a purchase as they explain in detail everything you need to know.  The Best buy has to be The North Coast 500 Guide Book by travel author Charles Tait


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We have always been annoyed that the way the route was introduced as it quickly became much like a circular racetrack.

The NC500 recommended 5 days to travel a route but to us, that should really be a 14-day holiday.

Too many come to the Highlands and see nothing apart from what is on the left and right-hand side of their vehicles. They aaah and owww as the drive along but fail to stop slow down and get out their vehicles

At Scotland’s Route, we maintain that taking longer allows you to see and do much much more at a pace that is not that of normal day city life, but a gentle Highland way.



The Highlands has so much to see and do, so Explore it. You will be amazed at its culture, history and its scenery.

Make a base, stay in one location for a few days then take in another part of the Highlands and stay there for a few more days.

Life needs to be slow, once your home it will be back to the 100 mph daily rat race, take your time, enjoy your life, just for a change, Chill.

Whether you’re planning a spring, summer, autumn or winter trip to the Highlands, planning is crucial.

We have itineraries online and have made different ones for several locations.  These are to be used as a guide and it is your trip, make it your own.

Too many people travel the route and leave saying they will return, probably because it was such a great trip but more so because there was way too much to cram into a small schedule.

Using our site you can plan your trip and make it More than Just A Journey.

We say it time and time again, there is so much to see and do in the Highlands, we know you will be blown away by it all, but take time, Plan, slow down, get out your vehicle and make bases, you will be glad you did.


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It is More than A Journey


How to Travel the Highlands
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