North Coast Travel Itineraries

At Scotland's Route 66 we understand how important it is to plan your trip in advance so that you get the most out of your journey. With so much to see and do up here, you may finish it with one regret... not having enough time to see everything there is on offer.

Even with an itinerary you will find it difficult to squeeze everything into each day. Here we offer our own itineraries for you to use, either as they are or just to give you ideas. Our itineraries are in a clockwise travelling direction but feel free to use it in reverse if you wish to go anti-clockwise.

All of our Scotlands route 66 itineraries of the north coast are free to use and we will never charge for the information we provide however, please consider buying a little something from our online shop to help Hamish pay the bills :)

3 DAY - Comming Soon 5 DAY 7 DAY 14 DAY - Comming Soon

Scotlands Route 66 Travel Maps

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