Road Trip 2018


Well now that summer is nigh on over, we reflect back on a Journey that has really been in the making for some considerable time.

On our trip we experienced so much good and so little bad that we thought now its time to share it with everyone.

Over the last few years and since the conception of the North Coast 500, we feel that this has been a great initiative for Highland Tourism as much of the Highlands has suffered years of neglect, but now was a chance for them to make their own market. Obviously it has been a huge success, and this has now to be matched with the right amount of investment. We have read posts by locals who complain of Fast cars, Slow motor homes, litter bugs, by visitors, as the list of complaints goes on and on, so we thought we would check that out too. Here we hold no punches as we travel 500 miles of the north coast Scotlands Route 66 style.  








Marion and Moray love Applecross and they think you will too.

After spending the last 15 years getting to know the people & local area they decided to move from Livingston and set up a bed & breakfast just so they could enjoy more of the things that they love to do, and we would like better than to share it with you when you visit:

Kayaking to local islands, climbing the In pinn the hardest mountain summit in Scotland (yes! This was a BIG challenge, running marathons & ultra-marathon, fishing & lots more so if your needing any help while planning your stay they can advise you what's on offer for your own special needs & interests. 

They also have close connections with mountain & sea guides who offer day trips and courses in gorge walking, kayaking, mountain climbing & more.

If your interested in running Marion is a keen runner and knows of many routes that are suitable.

If you are looking for something less energetic we can let you know where you can see lots of the local wildlife, where the best beaches are & the great places to eat too.


This is one of The Top Places to Rest your Head......Check them Out