Travelling the Route is a personal thing, and the way you go is that also.

Many people say to travel anti-clockwise as that way you leave the Best (scenery) till last.

Although this is true it depends on you, no one else.

If your driving, the advantage of going clockwise is not only can you see traffic coming towards you, but the best of the scenery is also on your right.  Doing the route anti-clockwise means that the scenery is on the passenger side and oncoming traffic is less visible.

We did do a survey in October/ November of 2017 and 60% of travellers who answered completed the route in an anti-clockwise direction.


It is also important whislt travelling the Highlands you know how to drive on single track roads. Nothing (except Litter) gets the locals raging than thos who clearly have no knowledge of how to drive on these roads.


Check out this wee video of How to Drive on Single Track Roads........Single Track Roads How To




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