Dog Friendly Places

Dog Friendly Places

All the Places on Route that Love you and your Dog.




If you then Hover on an Icon a pop up window gives basic information about the Property.

DOUBLE CLICK on a Property and it Searches for additional information. This information can range from Text, to photographs and videos.

Included in the additional information is an option to get directions to the property from your current location.




If you have a property that is not on the Map, simple, Add it yourself if you wish or get in touch and we will do it for you.

To add a property just locate where it is on the Map and double click. If you make a Mistake just left click away from Pop up Window and it should disappear.

You will get a pop up window with instructions on how to add your own specific information.

Once you complete that we will get a notification and we then double check that all is okay and it will be added to Map.