Why We Chose 2018



The North Coast 500, Why do it.


  From the start of this website I have always said,

the reason for doing it was personal, and for me it was always going to be  'More Than Just a Journey'.  





For just over a year now, I along with my youngest son have been slowly putting this site together.

Initially it was going to be nothing more than a personal blog, a kind of way to document our trip.

And nothing to do with the conception of the North Coast 500 even though it was a brilliant piece of work for the Highlands, it was more about it being personal and the real reason stretched back at least 45 years ago.



With 2018 being my 60th year, and the death of my mother on the 27th November 2016, at the age of 90, 36 years after the young passing of my father.

I thought that if I was to do the one thing I have always wanted to do, then 2018 was to be that year.

The one thing that stood out above all the others in my bucket list was to go on a Journey that was personal to me and to create memories that would last forever, as who knows what Forever actually is.



About 45 years ago, give or take a few, I travelled many times with my Father and Mother.

We travelled mainly on the East coast to places still dear to me, Dornoch and Embo being two that remain closest.

There are hundreds of places we went, far too many to mention.

We travelled the Northern Coast between John O'Groats and Durness.

And on the rare occasions we even travelled down the West to Ullapool, Lochinver and others like Gairloch.



My father told us stories and pointed out all the monuments on the route and explained the history of it all to us.

Sadly we were young kids and although it was always an adventure going on these trips we never really heeded what he said.

As kids we thought it was boring and of no interest to us, not that we would ever need all that information when we grew up.

Or so we thought…...



But like most people we did grow up, and too quickly it seems as my 60th approached with vengeance, knowing that I was lucky as I had now lived longer than my own father had and even my older brother who was cruelly taken away at the age of 50, way way to short a life.

People always say, live your life as you may not be here tomorrow to see it.

Death can be a funny thing in a way, it certainly gives you a different perspective on life.

The loss of my Father to me personally was too huge to put into words, then my eldest Brother at 50, was just even worse, and somehow you never spoke about your feelings so you bottle them up thinking it will ease with time, it doesn't, it is not something you get over, it's something you get through.



So for me the idea of the North Coast 500 was more a personal Journey and one to bring back memories and to travel with my son and hopefully make memories for us both and who knows, he may even come back one day with his family, telling the same stories.


Although it is now classed as the North Coast 500, or even Scotlands Route 66, it is just a name, they are roads that have been there long before I, and its inhabitants with all their culture and history have been there long before I also.

Its scenery and beauty has been there before man and shaped many times over to how they appear today.

Its culture and History is an endless story, many sad tales of days gone by, lives lost and families ripped apart, even by those close to us.

There is no country that has such a rich and diverse culture and history like the Scots and the Highlands has it all and more.

We speak about the Beauty of Scotland, but let us not forget the countless stories that it holds within, if you look close enough you will not just be amazed at it's beauty but you will be in tears and sometimes laughter when you find the stories about the people who lived and still live there.

This is more than a Journey and Scotland is more than Just Beauty, find it, Love it, See it, Believe it, and listen to it…..


So in Short, the Question of The North Coast 500, Why Do it ?

Simply because I once more wanted to drive the route with my father albeit only in spirit and I am more than sure he was.

We started our Journey and to me in a very important place and a place where the NC500 should start, The Culloden Battle Field.  

As it is stated at Culloden, The course of British, European and World History changed at Culloden on the 16th April 1746.

Culloden was and is so vital to the History and the culture of not just Scotland but the Highlands, from Culloden our History and lives changed forever.

I always remember my Father taking me here and telling me the story of Culloden, it was one of the rare times I found his story fascinating and today I still do.  



So the reason was simply, For My Father, this was for you, let's do it, let's remember all those days, lets Travel together One More Time.





Created in Memory of My Father John, my Mother Rona and My Brother John