Wick Heritage Centre

Since 1971, the Wick Society has striven to protect and promote Wick's history. Today the Wick Society has under its wing the Heritage Centre, Isabella Fortuna, Johnston Collection, and Wick Voices - a oral history project. Please support them by visiting to view their displays for an amazing look back into the past of the historic town of Wick.


The Johnston Collection represents the work of three generations of Caithness photographers who captured images of life in and around the area between 1863 and 1975. During that period they produced around a hundred thousand glass plate negatives. Of these, around fifty thousand survive and are held in trust by the Wick Society.


This place is HUGE - much bigger inside than you'd expect with loads to look at and areas to explore including information about the printing, fishing and photographic histories of the town. An enormous amount of work has gone into this museum and  is extremely good value. Don't expect to spend a short time in here as it is so fascinating you be inside a lot longer than you think.

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