John O'Groats Trail




Out of all the places to see and do in the entire area covered by the Highlands, to me this is the most exciting.


The John o'Groats Trail is a Scottish long-distance walking route from Inverness to John o'Groats, traversing back lanes, footpaths, shorelines and cliff tops.  And with a Ranger on an organised walk you can throw in expertise, saftey advice and many many stories that connect where you are.

The route is a 147 mile coastal walking route from Inverness to John o’ Groats, and is work in progress.

The walk is meant to be used both by long-distance walkers going as far as to or from Land’s End, and local walkers looking for a coastal stroll. Accommodation, meals and shops are available at the end of most stages of the walk.


Their site provides all the information you need about up coming walks and much much more.

Too many people do the NC500 by car and very few bother to get out. To do the route and enjoy the Highlands for what they are you must be prepared to slow down get out and be part of the Highlands.

For one you will never believe just how good that real fresh air actually is.


Driving you miss about 80% of what the Highlands has to offer. Along these routes there is History and culture, working people all with a story. Wildlife in abundace from Seals, to Killer Whales, To birdlife aplenty, it really never stops.


The Changing skies to the changing coastline



Around Every Corner




Photos By Mary Thain


The Views are Endless