The North Coast 500 Good Or Bad

After our recent revelations about the good and the Bad of some facebook pages that say they are pro North Coast 500 it appears that some folk just are not convinced about how Good the North Coast 500 is for the Highlands.

Obviously the North Coast 500 is a body who's main task is to promote the Route and they have certainly done a tremendous job on that.

But with each success there will always be those who feel the opposite.

Since posting our article on on the Facebook pages and mainly the facebook page NC500 (which is NOT the official one) we have been getting some major Flac from certain places and we assume from those who also used the facebook page to be sarcastic and abusive towards visitors asking a genuine question.

Today we want to ask everyone One simple question, all we ask is for you to choose between the two answers and we shall see how it transpires.


The Question is simple IS THE NORTH COAST GOOD OR BAD…


Is The North Coast 500 good for the Highlands
Yes It is
No it is Not
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