Caledonia Dreaming

A few weeks ago we featured a story about Samuel Alexander Barbour who as a teacher in Hong Kong left and misses Scotland so much that he put his feelings in to words and composed a song all about it and it is entitled "Caledonia Dreaming"Samuel wrote and composed the song "Caledonia Dreaming" a fantastic song with brilliant lyrics that just sums up to many people who live away from the place they hold close to their heartSamuel who along with us are happy to announce that the final version is now available for download and we have a link to one of the sites where you can download it right nowHe has also updated the YouTube Video Here.In my younger days I spent many years away from Scotland which gives you a feeling of belonging in the way that when you leave you don't really miss it initially but after a short time you do and you appreciate what you have left behind. Scotland must be one of the few countries that gives it's own people such a strong sense of belonging and many of us who have journeyed away from home can vouch for thatWe think Samuels Song is a brilliant song that many exiled Scots will relate to and we here at Scotlands Route 66 wish him all the success with this song and all the others that will followThe Song is available for 0.99p at the follow Website of CD Baby