"Here's an article that appeared in the Herald Scotland regarding the NC500Although I agree with much the reporter says I assume he is not from the Highlands. To say the A9 south is dull is showing a lack of knowledge. I agree the West is stunning in its scenery but the East has so much to offer and most of it remains unmentionedThe East by far a more populated area than the West but is far more steeped in historyFrom early times of man to the oil and energy industries sitting alongside wildlife and history the East is rich in things to see do and learn. There are so many untold stories regarding the East coast but hopefully these will appear as the route grows.  A Trip to the likes of the Wick Heritage Centre will show just what the East coast has and that is just Caithness itselfU just hope the Highland council heeds the warnings over the roads. The demand on the roads and how they are looked after will be the biggest challenge. Yes the growth of the industry that is the NC500 has been beneficial to the local economy lets hope the Councils do there bit

The Herald Scotland Acrticle