More More More that appears to be the latest call from top boys and girls in response to the NC500. Whether it is in Aberdeenshire Ayrshire everyone wants to replicate the success. I do feel like giving them a call and tell them just because you have one success it does not mean you can have several driving routes in a wee country like Scotland. Don't get me wrong outside the Highlands we have hundreds of places well worth a visit and with some incredible driving to be had just look at the Cairngorms for oneWhat I fear is ending with too many of much the same.  The one we have is unique and the only ONE it is know Worldwide and other areas of Scotland from the Cairngorms to Loch Lommond the Islands down to the Borders are already well known and attract tourists by the thousandsI think we should take a step back and be careful what we want to plan for the futureHere's an article that appears in the P&J paper in the Highlands