Great article on the BBC Website today regarding an idea put forward for a Tax on Tourists due to the mess they leave behind including human waste he statesIt would be put into the island economy for better toilets better waste facilities better parking facilities and better roads."Sadly although this is referring to the Isle of Skye and not yet the North Coast 500 it worries me that someone will suggest the sameOkay he suggests a £1 tax to pay for improvements for toilets and Carparks etc but I must admit I personally think this idea or anything similar is plan stupidFor starters where else in the World do you know of a Tax of a similar natureThe improvements to any type of facilities should be by the Businesses who own the land that is attracting the tourist as they are the ones that are profiting from them. in the first instance. Other things like roads and infrastructure is maintained by local and national authoritesThe North Coast is a relatively new concept and the tourists are flooding in and there are going to be problems that will occur not just not enough places to park or have a call of nature these are all part and parcel of a tourist attraction

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