Who's Bully Buying Scotland

Another News Story that I read today that made my Blood BoilI started this website at the start of this year and it was named NC500-WGT1958.co.ukIn April I received an email from somebody who was representing the "North Coast 500".  He stated that I was infringing on there Trademarks which were NC500 and The North Coast 500.  He requested I removed the website immediately and not to use the term on my web domain.  To say that I was a wee bit upset is putting it mildlyAfter I calmed down and sorted the site out by swapping the domain to something that closely resembled what was known as the NC500 or the North Cost 500 whatever your preference my site was reborn as Scotlands Route 66.  I choose the name because if you ever read News articles blogs etc the most common phrase out-with NC500 or the North Coast 500 is just that and hence my reason for going with itToday I watch on BBC Scotland a story about the National Trust for Scotland a body I always assumed look after the interest of Scotland its people and its cultureFrom buying arts and castles to parts of our land it seems they to have now joined the money making business of trademarksNow a Firm in Aboyne Aberdeenshire who have been making a Jacket called the "Glencoe" for 30 years have had the NTS send from there Lawyers a letter telling them they have to stop making them or face prosecutionMuch like the owners of NC500 or The North Coast 500 it won't belong before the name of everything in Scotland is trademarked.  I do feel strongly that the Locals trying to earn a living but also being proud of there roots and country are now basically being told you cannot use a name that has been around for CenturiesI know of several folk along the route that produce there own merchandise to earn a living have now been told to stop as the merchandise is also part of the trademarkRead the Story Below.....Share your thoughts

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