Sadly that is going to be the most common phrase said on the North Coast 500It has been the bug bear of many folk tourist and local. Many a post on various Facebook post mainly locals blaming Tourist but to be fair everyone must shoulder the blameYes of course there is more rubbish there is more people travelling the route so more humans must mean more messIt is sad that folk can't take their rubbish with them until the can dispose of it some where sensible. It's not a hardshipNo matter where you go you'll see cans and bottles being thrown from vehiclesWhy ?Do these folk that throw rubbish not think that it's not only the mess they are creating with all sorts of rubbish but the wildlife they endanger alsoYes many animals birds will have a look at the rubbish we throw away and yes some of it can harm or kill these creaturesI wonder if these folk have bins in their own households or do they mimic a pig and live like one in a Pig StyMy advice is if you don't throw it away then you won't have to pick it up so do everyone a favour dispose of it nicely because I can bet a billion dollars - WE DONT WANT YOUR RUBBISHClick to Read a Story from the BBC

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