"This article is supposed to be an option to improve the visitors driving whilst driving on the Highlands Single Track roadsI agree that it is useful information but this information is already freely available on virtually ant Facebook page or NC500 websiteThe Trouble is two fold the Tourist are simply that Tourists and some will have done there homework where as others won't bother at all. Also you have some locals who don't really appreciate that these "Tourists" that are helping to strengthen the Highland economy like never before are arriving in increasing numbers and are starting to cheese some of them of with there driving habits amongst other thingsYes there are idiots on the roads all over the world show me a place that hasn't got problems of some description on there roadsI do believe the many could be use better elsewhere but if they want to waste it and shove them in a local Tesco for the would be tourist to pick them up have a wee look and throw them in the bin well hopefully the bin as tourist and rubbish is another issueI doubt very much that the ones that cause the problems on the Highland Roads will even read them maybe they cant and thats half the problemanyway thats my tuppence worthClick On Pic and read for yourself. "