Up Good or Not

Good read in this article and not really a surpriseWith the ongoing success of the North Coast 500 or as this article quite rightly says Scotlands Route 66...Good Plug lolIt concerns the prices of property in the Highlands taking a distinct increase in their valueObviously not only has the Route increased the Visitors to the area which economically is great but there is always a down sideAs folk from outwit the area decided that the Love it so much they want to buy a property wether to live or use it as a holiday home could have serious consequences on the inhabitants of the HighlandsIts the same old story which has occurred before in parts of Scotland people move in be it for retirement or move away from the cities and or to own a Holiday home. This in turns increases the value of property putting out with the reach of the locals trying to get onto the housing market. Question where will the locals go move away which has been happening for decadesIt a strange and in a way a possible sad story that in creating a success in there own economy it may well back fire for their children Click on the photo to read the article House Prices Increase