Here are a couple of stories that made the papers this week with stories covering the North Coast 500You can read them below by clicking on the relevant linksFirst up was a Story run by the Scotsman Newspaper On Saturday 30th September Its Headline was Concerns over Environmental impact of North Coast 500This seems to be rising its head every so often and where Cameron McNeish an award winning writer and Broadcaster raises these concern and quite rightly so. I do not agree with one of his solutions which is to get people to cycle walk or ride a horse round the RouteHe obviously doesn't like the increase in polluting vehicles driving around the HighlandsNow the whole aspect of the North Coast 500 was to attract tourists to the Highlands and help with the local economy and it has certainly succeeded. My worry is that it has got too big too quick therefore it is up to the Scottish Government and local authorities to up there game and get more investment into the infrastructure of the Route.  People complain about the roads the camps sites the rubbish the list is endless. With insufficient investment the whole of the region will be a victim of its own successI feel there is too much negativity surrounding the North Coast 500 anywhere in the world there are problems with tourists its not just in Scotland. It is time for those involved to sit and discuss the pros and cons not just moan and shout about itTHE SCOTSMAN.    CONCERN OVER ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT OF NORTH COAST 500A second article that appears in tomorrows Sunday Herald is a great pieceThe Article is basically a showpiece of 130 photos with the theme for the competition being  Scotlands SkiesOne thing we do have in Scotland is tremendous sunsets and sunrises and of course the Northern LightsYou must check out this article as some of the photos from all around Scotland are simply stunning and makes you appreciate just what a Wonderful country we live inHERALD ON SUNDAY.         WINNER REVEALED IN RBS "SCOTLAND"S SKIES" PHOTO COMPETITION"