I have recently been reading a few articles about the "Huge" Rise in the death toll of the North Coast 500to me its more a scaremonger tactic by the authorities. I don't understand why on certain Facebook pages a minority of locals go on about the terrible driving and excess speed that is now happening on their roads and all caused bay the Tourist. This kind of thing happens all over the World with tourists not driving as they should not understanding the local roads and yes the inevitable speedster. It and I have said it numerous times is not only in the Highlands that this occursFirstly the NC500 is without doubt a huge success and its probably only failing is that it became too much of a success to quickly and now the councils businesses and all Authorities have been caught off guardThey say there were 9 deaths and 23 serious accidents on the nine main roads on the 516-mile route in 2016 against six deaths and 16 serious accidents recorded in 2014Now in percentages that is a significant rise but in terms of the increase in the volume of traffic I would suspect that the rise is quite small. Don't get me wrong zero would be terrific although not in the real world. I have not been able to find figures that relate to how many deaths and or accidents were that of Tourists and or localsIt is interesting that the have now setup a working group of the authorities to see into this. Again this should have been setup long ago as opposed to waiting till the horse has boltedClick to Read one of the many articles on this subject"