This weekend if you find clear skies and somewhere rather dark you maybe in for one of the best shows everThe month of October sees not one but twoThe Orionids occur every year in October and occurs as debris from Halley's comet comes into contact with the Earth's atmosphere. But this is towards the end of OctoberThis weekend we have the Draconid meteor shower is set to peak this weekendThere is a chance that light from a rising moon may cause issues for skywatchers but the best option is still to head as far away from light pollution as possibleLike other meteor showers the Draconids are caused by Earth's atmosphere coming into contact with debris rock and dust from a passing comet which in this case is the comet Giacobini-Zinner which orbits the sun every 6.6 yearsHow many will you see well previous years it has been possible to see 1000 meteors per hour. Along with Canada Scotland is one of the Best places to see this spectacular show. And to make it even better you won't need any specialist equipment to see the meteor shower and better still its FREE. Don't forget to Share on them Facebook Groups so others are aware of this Show "