Scotlands Dog Friendly MapWhere can I stay with my Dog on the Route is One of the most asked questions on Facebook sites. For The North Coast 500 like the Facebook Page¬†NC500 - Accommodation Sights and Tips¬† run by Stacie MacDonald amongst others. Well we thought wouldn't it be great to have one place that listed them all. One Map that showed them all. And even a map that gives a brief description of the places and an easy way to get in touch. So we thought lets do it and tomorrow we hope to launch on our Map section a near as definitive Map of all the places you can stay with your Pooch on the Route. So with the Map and the Help of those experienced on the route the Traveller and the Businesses on the Route all you'll ever need is the Map and NC500 - Accommodation Sights and Tips therefore forget all the others as we'll show you where and the facebook page will give you all the answers nigh on immediately "