"Here is yet another story that is fairly good news and will be of concern and interest not just to visitors to the North Coast 500 but to those living in the HighlandsOnly recently the Scottish Government announced that it wanted to get rid of polluting vehicles from our roads by 2032It is now with great expectations to see if they can deliver on the electric charging points that are starting to appear ion our towns and cities. get it right and everyone will benefit yes things will change but if managed properly then it will be for the betterObviously the likes of the Highlands will be a problem as how many will be against these charging points being built in rural areas or even lay-bysThere will be opposition as there is now for the amount of tourists depending on the single track roads. As I have said before it is the authorities to act nowI personally will be all for it and this story covers that point of installing chargers from the south to Scrabster all the way on the A9.  There will be many more to come but if it rids us of exhaust pollutants then so be it

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A9 at Glen Coe