"After recent media spotlight on the North Coast 500 roads where they were telling us that accidents and deaths had shot up. It now appears with a different spin on itI did find it hard to understand how the death toll which had risen by 3 in 2 years was classed as shocking when you consider the vast increase in traffic volumesObviously a zero total would be great sadly this is the real worldI also didn't like that they reported it in such a way that it was the dreaded tourist was to blameI would love to see the exact figures which show how many of the accidents were as a direct result of a tourist drivingSo today the media now publishes a story that sort of says the oppositeAs I have said before if the Highlands and its authorities want to keep this goldmine of the NC500 they along with the necessary Governmental offices have to work together or it will all be in vain and tourists will soon look elsewhereClick Photo to read the full article