The Papers from around the World and some of the stories regarding the North Coast 500 and Scotland this week.

Haggis For Sale

For the first time in 46 years Canadians can legally buy a made-in-Scotland haggis.  There’s just one problem. Due to a controversial Canadian import law the haggises all had to be crafted without one of their most signature ingredients: sheep offal or lungClick to Read More

Sheep Scenery and Whisky

An article that comes from the Washington Post as a couple made there way round the North Coast 500. Not the greatest depth blog but worth a wee ReadClick to Read More

A New App for A9

A Story from the National refers to a New app that could spark a tourist boom in the rural heartlands of Scotland similar to that seen on the North Coast 500The app will show visitors what they can see and do along the A9 corridor from the central belt to Inverness and ties in with the dualling of the route due to be completed by 2025Will it work Click to Read More

Warning Martians Ahead

Only the Scottish Sun could come out with this storyApparently some locals near the Nuclear Plant at Dounreay in the Far North of Scotland have changed a road Warning sign so it indicates that Martians are aheadClick to Read More

Travels With My Camera

To finish of here is the start of a Great Wee Blog by Carol DunhamI love nothing better that reading other folks travels on the Route and Carol is certainly a real Good ReadClick to Read More "