The Sunday Post

To those living in Scotland and more so of a certain age with a great affection for the Browns or ma mate Oor Wullie the Sunday Post was as much a part of Sunday as the Roast DinnerSadly times have changed and I know very few that still read let alone buy the PaperTo discover this great Scottish institution was doing a piece on the North Coast 500 I thought this is going to be a cracking pieceBy clicking the Link you like I will discover that the article itself does more harm than good for the Route. I have read many Blogs and articles about the North Coast 500 and this one must be the first to do it a disserviceI know they say they didn't give themselves enough time but I have know folk do it in 4 (although I would recommend that) and they squeezed more in than this lot didAlso to say "Caithness isn’t as picture-postcard bonny as Sutherland or Ross and Cromarty but has its charms."Yes Caithness is rather Flat but it has one of the best coastlines with Harbours and castles and Cairns and Standing stones hundreds of years of history at each town and village all on display for folk to discoverSadly this article should never have been printed I bet there's a few folk thinking "is that it is that the North Coast 500 I think I'll  go back to Tenerife againIf you dare to read it Click to Read

click on the link don't worry its such a short article it won't take long