Finally after a long wait today sees the Launch of the North East 250The North East 250 which has been developed by businesses across the region will take visitors on a journey past the castles wildlife Mountains Distilleries  and  beaches of Moray Aberdeen and AberdeenshireAlthough totally different to the Diverse North Coast 500 one wonders how successful this one will beI fear that the road from Aberdeen north to Fraserburgh will be the fall guy much like the way the East Coast is given a bad run on the North Coast 500Their website is up and running and it looks and feel marvellousIt will be interesting to se how successful this will be in comparison to the NC500 and in a similar way hopefully they will learn quick that the infrastructure needs to maintained and in many ways upgradedAlthough there is much to see and do on this route I do fear it will struggle in the remote areas with regards to roads and traffic. The A93 to Aberdeen is already a busy summer route especially with cyclists and one wonders how they will safely cope with the increase of traffic. The need for all authorities from Government to council levels to work together is vital and hopefully the North Coast 50o and the North East 250 can all work with each other and all learn from one anotherWe here at Scotlands Route 66 wish the North East 250 every inch of success now and in its futureVisit the Site here : Finger "