Martin Watt John Brown Andy Ogilvie John Simpson and Bruce Tait

These are the intrepid cyclists from Montrose in Angus Scotland who together cycled the North Coast 500 for the Cancer charity CLANAll five of them aged between 40 and 48 chose the charity after Bruce’s wife Kim was diagnosed with breast cancerJohn Simpson 46 said: “Bruce and Kim had a really bad time of it when she got diagnosed but they got amazing support from CLAN so we decided to do something for them“We know some really good cyclists who did the route over what we thought was five days so we thought we’d give ourselves six days. We found out later they did it in seven days so we really had to push ourselves.”They said that they recommend the NC500 to anyone after they saw the scenery for themselves

Near SCourie

Although the trip must have been very difficult they completed the trip and raised about £12500 for the Clan charityThey also said that the psychological impact was probably the hardest part. And although most of it was great some parts were very barren. It definitely helped morale that we were doing it all together.”It is an amazing achievment and here at Scotlands Route 66 we take our hats of to these guys as I was out of breath just reading the Story never mind attempting to do it myselfI shall think of them Next year when I do it Car.......Well Done to all of you