Highland Hospitality

Highland Hospitality

Here's an article that appeared in the Northern Times regarding Highland HospitalityIt is quite well known that Highland Hospitality is something that lots of people experience but I personally thought it was long goneSo to read this article from the Northern Times about Andy and Sharon Simpson who suffered every motoring tourist’s worst nightmare when their vehicle hit problems just outside BettyhillThe couple were celebrating Andy’s 61st birthday by navigating round the North Coast 500. He received an unwanted birthday present when he discovered his Astra had an irreparable punctureBut thankfully for the English couple the locals rallied round and as the couple said  "our experience at Bettyhill showed us travelling is more than about seeing places it is about meeting the people who live in these places too. People in Bettyhill made what was at first an awful experience into one of the best of our trip."Well done to the folk from Bettyhill Highland Hospitality Lives on



Bettyhill is a lovely spot to visit with visitors coming from far and wide to enjoy trout fishing in the lochs around the area strolling along the breathtaking beaches and hills and spending time at some of the fascinating historical sites. The wildlife and rugged landscapes captivate visitors time and again!