Storm Alert

IF your on the Route travelling at the end of this week and into the weekend I would take care and don't push your luck when drivingSome parts of this route can be quite tricky if you're not accustomed to single track and Highland Rural RoadsStorm Caroline is expected to hit the Western Isles very late on Thursday morning with winds of up to 80mph and probably on higher levels even moreThe strongest winds will reach the northwest early on Thursday extending to the north-east and Northern Isles in the afternoon. Winds will start to ease in the west by then with the strongest of the winds becoming confined to the Northern Isles in the evening. Snow showers will turn increasingly frequent and heavy across northern Scotland during the evening.”There will be lying snow for many places by the end of Friday with higher ground seeing the most with possible drifting it will be very windy with strong gales force winds for many and severe gales for the North and North West Coastal areasExpect poor travelling conditions so be well prepared for longer journey times with Ferry Services being severely disruptedOver the weekend showers will tend to die out and the winds will ease so look forward to a crisp couple of days with heavy frosts overnight with temp -10c over snow coverOne bonus with these types of weather is you can capture some brilliant photosIf you do don't forget we are after winter North Coast 500 photos.....