Scotlands Route 66 Happy New Year

Happy New Year

It's 2018 and it is time to wish every single person that has visited our site wether they have stayed with us or leftWe Honestly wish all of you the very Best that 2018 can bring you more so Happiness and Health for you and your Family and to keep you all safe in the times that we live in2018 is a special year for myself as I will reach the young age of 60. And as part of that I will be doing the route with my Son in memory of my Dad who many years ago drove me as a child all over the HighlandsSadly in 1980 at too young an age of 56 he was taken away from usHe was like a encyclopaedia on Highland History but sadly as kids we never really listened to his running commentary to which I now regret. Hence this trip is not just for me but for himNow many years older and hopefully wiser I can only hope my son will listen to me as we both share what the Highlands has to offer in its many and varied landscapes wildlife culture ecology and historyI started my blog/website as but due to the success of the North Coast 500 and the business boys moving in to grab the windfall I received a warning to remove my site as it included 'NC500" which they had now trademarkedAfter my initial annoyance and anger I decided to not to be defeated at the first hurdle but carryon and just do my thing after all my Love for the Highlands was stronger than theirs and I wasn't in it for money just for pleasureI had to think of a name and I decided that whenever The North Coast 500 is mentioned it is quite often referred to as Scotlands answer to Route 66 so hence the name Scotlands Route 66 was bornI decided to have a website that would give folk as much information about the entire route wether it be caravan sites B&B's places to visit or eat the list goes onAs things progressed we added pages to the site A Scottish stories as you can't beat a good old Scottish story and it allows folk a different insight to Scotland and our cultureWe decided to add Aurora Alerts as some folk like nothing better than the chance of seeing the Northern LightsBut the main thing about the site is all the information is FREE it is even FREE if you want to advertise your business not like the official sites where you pay for this and that and even pay up to £250 for the Ultimate Membership' what is that all aboutI hate folk that see an opportunity to make a fast buck rather than offer information that is freely available elsewhereWe are FREE simple Come to the Highlands and enjoy what we have to offer the list of what's on offer is truly endlessThe only negative I fear I have is that those responsible for the infrastructure etc will fail the people by not keeping up with demand. This is a Glorious opportunity for the Highlands and all the authorities and the people to work together and make everything work and become truly a global successSo for 2018 I thank those of you who have come and stayed (let Others know about us as advertising is not cheap)I also wish ever business on the route a truly successful year and to those who live on the route I wish you the patience to continue your World renowned reparation of being such a hospitable bunchBeing born and Bred in the Highlands although I choose though life to move away for work as 40 years ago the Highlands offered very littleToday there is hope for youngsters to stay and live and grow within the Highlands and I hope they do as you truly live in a place of wonder although you don't see it yet when you reach 60 you will as I do and you will appreciate what you have. Trust me I have lived in many places and the Highlands will always be the TopI also wish those that have contributed to the site wether it be via comments positive or negative and to those who allowed us to share there fabulous photosI always welcome feedback photos and any other information you care to send our way. I look forward to much more input from everyone so please feel free to get in touchFinally I want to wish my Family especially my youngest Son and my sister Mary for all the work they have done wether it is being  my Webmaster and designer or just the one that has supplied countless information on everything I needed to get goingI have throughly enjoyed this adventure and I really look forward to this year as it is all going to get bigger and bigger. I have lots planned for the site and obviously with my own trip we have great ideas and features for that too

Slàinte maith h-uile latha na chi 'snach fhaic!