Bad News

Read an article in today Press & Journal regarding the Bealach na Ba.I have said many times that the North Coast 500 is a success story and a major boost the Highland economy but with one big problem.The problem is that all authorities and organisations MUST look after and invest in the infrastructure.


Bealach na Ba

The locals have now been told by Highland Council that they will have to wait for years before potholed roads around the Applecross peninsula are repaired.We just recently published our Top Ten on the North Coast 500 route and No1 was the Bealach na Ba. Does this mean over the next few years it will slip down that list I sincerely hope not.Not sure about you but I am getting sick of every council wasting Money then claiming they have no monies for what the Locals actually want and or need.For the Highland council to seemingly say“There is no extra money and works will be undertaken over several years according to budgets.“We have explained to the community that work will be phased over a number of years to fit with our budgets.”To me that is not good enough they are facing throwing away the investment of a lifetime but they'd rather dig their own pothole to hide in rather than find a solution.Even Tom Campbell Managing Director of the North Coast 500 said: “We would hope that the Highland Council will be able to address these ongoing concerns of the local community in a positive way.”Sadly I hope Mr Campbell will listen to those sitting on ' his route ' and help force the council to act rather than see it all disappear.For years the Highlands have been run down and most youngsters have had to leave to make a living. But give them credit Mr Campbell and all those involved in the publicity of the route have given a light of hope to the communities but they and all other authorities and the Scottish Government would be foolish not to press for positive action.I sincerely hope that this type of action or non action from the authorities will see a demise of the route potholes will drive people away there is only so much people will accept.It looks to me that the Lochcarron Garage and insurers will be very busy people over the next few years."