A Winters Tale

After the last few days of sheer panic and media telling us were all doomed as they forecast "The Best Fae the East" it got me laughing at how we managed years agoI certainly remember in Wick that Winter meant Snow as thats what happened in WinterNowadays it appears we need to be told not to go out and not to do this and make sure you do that as it's going to SnowWhy did we manage to cope years ago even in the days where we had never heard of Winter tyres for carsI came across a wee Film that shows Wick in an average Winter of the days gone byI love the fact that the roads are snow covered yet still in their vehicles in non winter treads they just driveFolk walk in the snow and carry on relentlesslyEven the Poor Horse and cart just carry on with the council workers clearing the street with nowt more sophisticated than a ShovelAnd even the Tinkers of which Caithness had many just get on with it……No fancy central heating you just got on with it……I fear we are a nation of softies….

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Wick In Winter