Easter Means One Thing

No No Not a silly little cute wee ChickAnd even though to some it is about the celebrating the resurrection of Christ we feel that for many it means something else

Yep it is the start of the real Tourist Season and places that have battened down the Hatches for the past 5-6 months are now reopening this weekendAlthough there are some hardy folk that have travelled through the Winter (nutters) the average Tourist will start to descend on the North Coast 500 as from this WeekendThere is like last year plenty to see hopefully some of the potholes have been filled although I doubt many have so drive carefully on them open stretches as you ain't on the Motorways Now……Where to go and what to see and what will be missed is the questions most people will be asking. Its what will be missed that will bug most folk as there is just too much to see and doAs usual a lot of folk will make the mistake of going anti Clockwise as everyone says save the West till last as it's the bestThis I have agreed for ages is quite true from a scenic point of view but there is much more to the Route than pretty Hills and mountains with breath taking scenery and wildlife and white sandy beaches…………eh…………..but thats about allThe East for me is the one Gem that folk miss out on Not only for its Beauty but the History that it is steeped inFrom the days of Early man to the Oil Boom and Green Energy the History of the East is not to be missedWhy travel a land without knowing where and what how did it all start and what direction they are goingThe East Coast is where you will find all the answers but sometimes you need to look or just read our guide on the East CoastWherever you go there is just too much to see when the route started it was deemed a 4 day trip now it's extending to two weeksThere is just so much much more than the Beauty that is around every corner. It is not all about the West in fact it's the whole route North South East and WestCheck out our guides and every year there are more and more attractions discovered and made it is an ongoing processYou can visit Dunrobin Castle it is one if not the most popular attraction on the entire route

One of the photos of 2017 was taken there by Michele AndersonYou could visit the Flow Country in Caithness and RSPB Centre it is an amazing place something you have never seen before. It maybe slightly off route but well worth a visitAnother place greatly over looked is Cape Wrath most folk would visit John O'Groats and Dunnet Head being the most Northernly but Cape Wrath being the most North Westerly point and has gasp taking views is relatively unspoilt and is by far a better option for a visitThe list is endless from John Lennon the Beatles Memorial Garden a must for music fans and Putneytown distillery for the Whisky enthusiast to Rock Rose Gin for a look at the booming industry of the now World Famous gin made in the far North of ScotlandYes there are the must do's like the now Famous Bealach na Bà which remember is to close for 6 weeks at some point this year. Keep an eye out on our NC500 News section for updates

If I carry on with where to go Easter would be over the list is endless you have to plan in advance choose your must sees and do's and stick to it as the other option is to come back another time and do it again but with different itineraryCheck out our own section What is Route 66 in here we have listed all the roads North South East and West giving a break down of what to see and do. Also our New Interactive Map section includes all the Places to Visit on the RouteThe Route is brilliant what ever you choose to see and do. We ourselves will be touring later in the year and we can't waitIf you wish let us know your trip details and stories and we would love a photo or two for our Photo Gallery you can even have your own page of photo here too a kinda showcase yours to the WorldFinally now its Open Season we not only Wish you a Happy Easter but a Happy Trip and a Safe one whenever you choose to do it and whatever method of transport you use