Jurassic Park Alive in Scotland

A Sauropods

Well being Honest that's not Quite True as they have been extinct for a number of years with the exception of Nessie of courseBut in today News there are a few article about the amazing find of Dinosaur footprints on the Isle of SkyeNot only is Scotland rich in Scenery Wildlife and so much more it now looks that you may well find a Dinosaurs footprints on your travels so keep your eyes peeled as its better than being confronted by the real thingA 170 million years ago some very different beasts were leaving their mark on the Isle of SkyeResearchers have unearthed a new site of about 50 tracks some as big as a car tyre from dinosaurs that roamed the island during the Middle JurassicThe study published in the Scottish Journal of Geology builds on previous dinosaur finds on the island – not least a huge array of tracks discovered in the North os the Island at Brothers point in 2015 by the same teamThat site showed hundreds of footprints almost all from enormous long-necked plant-eating dinosaurs known as sauropods. But the newly discovered site at Rubha nam Brathairean or Brothers’ Point reveals that these hefty beasts were sharing their spot with another type of dinosaur: a meat-eaterMapping the site with drones and other camera equipment revealed about 50 dinosaur prints at the site in total including what appears to be two lines of tracksAnalysis of the clearest prints – including the overall shape of the track outline the shape and orientation of the toes and the presence of claws – enabled scientists to determine they belonged to sauropods and theropodsPaige dePolo who led the study conducted the research while an inaugural student in the university’s research Master’s degree programme in palaeontology and geobiologyMs DePolo said: “It was found in rocks that were slightly older than those previously found at Duntulm on the island and demonstrates the presence of sauropods in this part of the world through a longer timescale than previously known“This site is a useful building block for us to continue fleshing out a picture of what dinosaurs were like on Skye in the Middle Jurassic.”So be careful where you tread you just never know who was there before you