Tourism is Blooming Booming in Scotland

Scotland has attracted Tourists for many a year but the last few have seen an upsurge in Tourists making their way to Our Wee LandObviously the Likes of the TV series Outlander and Scotlands Route 66 named The North Coast 500 for commercial reason and with the help of Visit Scotlands PR machine this and many other factors has lead to the upsurgeQuestion now is can Scotland and its authorities keep up the good work or will they take their eye of the BallFor Scotlands economy it is vital that this kept up for our benefitsFor the sixth year running Scotland has outperformed the rest of the UK in attracting visitors to its tourist attractions. Edinburgh is the top UK destination outside London - but the whole country is benefiting from a tourism renaissanceWhen it comes to the big numbers it's the cities that are really driving up the stats. London attracted 64 million visitors so it's little wonder it boasts the UK's top 10 visitor attractions in terms of numbers. But the 11th and 12th slots were both in Edinburgh with the National Museum of Scotland and Edinburgh Castle for the first time chalking up more than two million visits apiece in 2017With new air routes and Scotland becoming more affordable it has all helped to make it all possible

The tourism sector has long been savvy to how a big TV series or cinema box office hit can draw in visitors - and Scotland is cashing in on the with the success of the likes of Outlander and Harry PotterThe adventures of a 1940s nurse transported back in time to the Jacobite rebellions in the Highlands has captured the imaginations of millions of fans all across the Globe. the fan base is huge and many visit Scotland only because the have watched the program. Therefore there is no shortage of tour operators ready to show them around the filming locations or the sites steeped in the historyThe Glenfinnan Monument to the fallen Jacobite clansmen saw a 58% increase in visitor numbers last year reaching nearly 400000. Nearby is another film tourism opportunity - the Glenfinnan Viaduct made famous by the Hogwarts Express in the Harry Potter filmsA decade ago it was a relatively well-kept secret - a circular route often on single-track roads through breathtaking scenery in the far north of Scotland. But no more. Now known as the North Coast 500 this is Scotlands Own Route 66 and with cleverly marketing it is now one of the world's great road tripsThe roads are busier now with Camper vans and Supercars along with tourist buses creating a bonanza for businesses along the route. In the first year after its launch in 2015 it was estimated the NC500 attracted an extra 29000 visitors generating £10m in revenueThe North Coast 500 is fantastic at getting people to move away from the central belt and explore parts of Scotland they might not have previously thought about and more route are now being developed in other areas of Scotland. From Aberdeenshire to Ayrshire the list is growingSo who are befitting from this rise well  Inverewe Garden in Wester Ross where the numbers of people stopping to enjoy its ancient trees and exotic plants jumped by an impressive 110% in 2017

Places like Dunrobin Castle has seen there figures grow to make it the most visited place on the routeScotland has so much to offer and that has been proven with the increase year on year on visitors numbers. Lets hope it continues and that all parties will work together to ensure we remain one of the top places to visit in the World "