North Coast 500 doctorate launched

If only to be slightly younger I would be going for this myselfThis to me is a brilliant idea and I hope it becomes a great success much like the North Coast 500 itselfTo me the whole idea to bring tourists to the Highlands and hopefully leave them with part of our history and culture embedded in them

The University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI) is to support a postgraduate place linked to the North Coast 500 route.

A PhD student will study aspects of history associated with the route working with the tourism body NC500 initiative. Launched in 2015 the designated route has led to a significant increase in visitor traffic to the North HighlandsThe importance of Culture and History is so important to the Highlands and the more people can be informed and learn the better the Route becomes rather than 'Just for the Scenery' as art is certainly way more than Just thatBackers said the plan will add "layer and depth" to visitors' experienceDr Iain Robertson of UHI said: "It's vital. It's absolutely vital to have something like this. History culture identity make the region""These are questions that a PhD student can address and will address"To my mind it's a no-brainer. It should be done."It is hoped the postgraduate student who takes up the place will make research material available through a digital appNC500 managing director Tom Campbell added: "The North Coast 500 for me is much more than just a touring route. It's about adding layer and depth to experiences in the north HighlandsThis just adds another layer to the whole concept and allows locals and younger folk to ensure that not only does the Route survive but also to contribute to the Highlands as a whole."