Clarkson... Again


Aye that Man Clarkson has again hit the papers with his latest on the North Coast 500.

After his adventure for the upcoming Grand Tour series I thought we had seen the last of him and his Kids Richard Hammond and James May.

It appears that he has been giving interviews on how things went and how impressed he was with the whole thing well at least I hope he was.

They all travelled the North Coast 500 route and Clarkson fell in love with the scenery ranking it as the most stunning places he had ever visited. It appears also that whilst travelling the route that he thought about the independence debate and he insists that Scotland should not go back to the ballot box and yet again seek independence from the Union of the UK, “Scotland had a vote on independence in 2014 and sanity prevailed. Then those who lost immediately decided they’d like another vote. And so it will go until eventually they win and we will have to post soldiers on the road out of Gretna Green."

“I don’t understand the need for Scottish independence. The Battle of Falkirk was a very long time ago. And it’s not as if England can win the Calcutta Cup any more.

What’s more the Scottish have exactly the same problem with going it alone as we’ll have post-Brexit"

He said independence was not the top priority for the locals he met and getting rid of the English would not “unite the country and bring back Sean Connery”

He added: “I spent several days recently up beyond Inverness and I’m not trying to suck up to the Scots but it really is absolutely eyes-on-stalks beautiful.

We often talk about breathtaking views but in the Highlands they literally do that




With Clarksons colourful words he also said “I drove on Wednesday along the coast road north of Ullapool and never have I gone so slowly. Sometimes the views were so spectacular I coasted to a halt and never even noticed.  The sky was the colour of a Norwegian model’s eyes. Tendrils of cloud spilt over snow-capped mountains before being whipped into nothing by the wind"

Give Clarkson his due he spoke highly of Scotland and the North Coast 500 and it is good to know that he was more than honest in his words which at times is hard to believe.

"And it went on and on and on. Past turquoise water like you find in the Maldives and islands as weird and as enticing as those in Ha Long Bay. This was and I will take no argument on the matter by far the most beautiful place on Earth. As far removed from anything we have in England as Timbuktu.”

He went on to add to the Independence debate by saying “Do they want different laws? Really? What laws? Legalisation of burglary? The age of consent raised to 48? Compulsory yodelling for anyone on a bicycle? No. They want the same things as you and I. Something to do in the day and some disposable income at the weekend.”

But with Clarkson he can undo all the good with one sentence and this time was no different when he was quoted as saying that as Scots we should be grateful to the English for introducing them to “proper food and trousers”


Glad your back over the Border Mr Clarkson