Don't Dilly Dally

Okay slight exaggeration but along with Litter being held up by vehicles on the Route that Dilly Dally has to be the two Top Hates of LocalsSome Facebook pages even allow Locals to vent their anger at people who dare say otherwiseSome of the comments are quite brutal and sadly the admins on those facebook sites are not really doing their job.  That is a different story as soon we will lift the lid off the NC500 Facebook sites that don't co-operate with the Official North Coast 500 folk

We all love being on Holiday and taking it easy is part of thatOn a Route with such breath-taking scenery it is too easy to Drive slow as you take it all in. Even the Grand Tour  Boss Jeremy Clarkson who recently competed the Route said that at one point he was so much in awe of the Scenery he didn't even notice that he had come to a haltBut the bug bare of Locals is not the ones admiring the scenery or taking it easy it's the ones who choose to Dilly Dally all the Way and hold them upit doesn't matter where you drive in this country once out in rural areas the problems are the same there is always one be he a Camper-van/Caravan or just some dilly dallying driver as they go on their holiday wayWe have all come across them and you get irritated by their driving you get impatient you get angry it just goes onHere in the Highlands it is the same although many locals think it's uniqueBut I do come down on the side of the Locals. I understand their frustrations as I have been there many many times and yes I get exceedingly frustrated as I told my mum I would be home by 5pm and now am gonna be lateBut I suppose it is better being Late than Never arriving at allFrustration leads many times to dangerous over taking and putting other lives at risk never mind your own

But I have listened to all parts of the arguments and it's not a case of backing the locals or the visitor as many times they are both correctMy main concern is when I read yet another story of a mum having to be taken by Ambulance from Wick to InvernessInverness is about 103 miles from Wick and in an Ambulance with Patient on board requiring emergency treatment for both her and her unborn Child time is of the essenceNow this kind of procedure can occur anywhere on the North Coast 500 route. Because of its remoteness we don't have large Hospitals to deal with emergenciesBut it is not just the Ambulance that needs through the husband of the Mother was not allowed to travel with the ambulance so he made his own wayI can just imagine his mind racing with the worry about his wife and unborn child whilst having to get to Inverness asap. the distance and time must have felt foreverI can also imagine him being stuck behind someone that is Dilly Dallying along the roadThere are plenty of people on a daily basis getting stuck behind such driversPeople who needs to get to work be they a Fireman a Doctor or just a plain normal worker like you and ISo not just for the Ambulance lets see if we can get the ones that want to dilly dally have an enjoyable holiday along the Route but we ask one thing check and check often as you should anyway if some looks like they want to pass let them as soon as it is safe to do soTime is on your hand it maybe that unborn Childs Dad he doesn't have time………..Don't be the One that Makes him Miss it…

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