Facebook Naughty or Nice

One thing about Facebook is that it appears that most of us need it rather than NotSince the conception of the North Coast 500 there are loads of Facebook pages supposedly dedicated to the North Coast 500We ourselves have one Scotlands Route 66 not that you would have guessedAll this is great for those seeking information about travelling the Route. Many and I mean thousands sign up to these Facebook pages some believing it is the 'Official' Page when in fact it couldn't be further than the truthDon't get me wrong I am all for helping out folk wanting to travel the Route hence the reason for being here

My problem with some of these NC500 Facebook pages is that in some cases the feedback people get from some pages is terrible whether it be sarcastic comments and sheer abuse. Especially if you're a motorhome owner or drive a supercarWe have noticed even through personal experience and from others that some of these pages are not exactly over friendly and welcoming as they should beSome ( the minority thankfully) on these pages seem to blame the visitor for everything from Litter to fast cars and the list goes onThe Majority of the locals welcome visitors as they always have doneAfter chatting to the "Official" North Coast 500 folk it appears that they themselves are not exactly over the moon about some pagesThe wording North Coast 500 and NC500 are actually an official Trademark of the said companyBut it appears although this relates to many places where the trademarks cannot be used it doesn't cover Facebook as easily as elsewhereIn theory anyone can start a page with or without the North Coast 500's blessing. Which to us is totally wrong and MisleadingIt is then up to the North Coast 500 to apparently chase these people and try and come to an arrangement with themThat it appears is harder than anyone thoughtOur original Website used the term NC500 prior to us knowing it was an official trademark hence we changed it to Scotlands Route 66 as soon as it was pointed out to us by the North Coast 500Consequently all these Facebook pages have sadly had an adverse effect on the "real' NC500 as people assume they are on an official Page on Facebook when in fact they are notSome Facebook pages do actually state that they are not the Official Page albeit most folk wouldn't even notice the Wording to that effectWe want to look into this and the selling of NC500 merchandise which without permission from the NC500 folk is illegal to sell and we are aware of quite a few that currently sell online and even undercut the Official merchandise with clothing that appears to be genuineWe are all in this together and if things carry on the real winners are not the Visitors to the Route or those genuinely trying to make a living out if it but those who see a gap to profiteer at everyone else expenseSo everyone can help those who want to see the Good folk win and not the ones that are here for a fast Buck or the ones that get a kick out of being sarcastic to others onlineWhere are the Admins of these pages if they can't police their own pages then maybe they should not be here ?We ourselves have fallen foul of these admins by putting links to our accommodation maps and other pages when someone asks for help. According to the Admins we are apparently publicising ourselves.


That may well be but were trying to help and or answer someones Question. We ourselves have links to many facebook pages who can help folk better than us as many have better knowledge than ourselves on certain mattersTry to explain to these Admins "It's all about Helping not hindering"For a minute I thought we all work together to help all those wanting the information. Apparently not….We here at Scotlands Route are more than Happy to work with anyone and we clearly publicise the North Coast 500 and the Best Facebook Pages that we think are greatWe don't care if people see the links we provide to these Facebook pages we put them on our pages to tell folk they are good information and help pages and we urge them to subscribe to themTake a look at every page on our Website they are clearly publicised at the bottom of each pageAs part of this investigation we would love to hear about your experiences good or Bad that you have had online we won't mention any names unless you wish to named and we will always respect your privacy. tell us what you think is the Best Facebook Page for information and the WorstPlease help us try and put an end to the abuse and sarcastic comments that visitors get even to the point of cancelling their plans to travel the routeYou can email us at info@scotlandsroute66.co.uk or PM us via the Facebook siteOtherwise you can visit our Top Recommended Facebook Pages these we find are the ones that are by far the most Helpful and InformativeNC500 - Accommodation Sights and Tips NC500 - Things To See and DoNC500 - Exploring the East "