Scotland From The Sky

On BBC One Scotland This Wednesday 16th May 2018 a New Three Part Series called Scotland From The SkyThe Three part series will also be available to anyone on the BBC iPlayer after the broadcast so no one needs to miss outThis Program has been created by Historic Environment Scotland’s James Crawford who has spent a years researching and writing about the history of this archive. Throughout the series viewers are guided through a century of aerial photographs charting the ever-changing face of Scotland’s rural and urban landscapesIt should be a brilliant program showing Scotland in many ways as never seen before and adding a new perspective to how you see itYou will also see Scotland’s stunning scenery from past and present and from above. You will discover stories from the First World War with aerial photographers dodging bullets in the skies over the Somme the planners who use the view from above to create the places we live and the Historic Environment Scotland aerial survey team searching for ancient remains from the skies

BBC Scotland Commissioning Executive Factual David Harron said: "It is remarkable but largely unknown just how much today’s landscapes have been shaped by the view from above. Huge tracts of the Highlands were transformed with the help of aerial photography while post-war planners looked to the skies for the solutions to redesigning our greatest cities. At the same time the aerial view has revolutionised our understanding of the past resulting in the discovery of tens of thousands of ancient sites that could never have been spotted from the ground."So Don't Forget 9pm on BBC Scotland the first of a three parts Scotland From the SkyOr after the Broadcast available on BBC iPlayerFEEL FREE TO SHARE