Pot Holes are they Unique ?

Pot Holes it is becoming a daily topic in the UK and possibly talked about as much as we do the WeatherThere are a number of topics that the Brits just moan about everyday year in year outCertainly the Weather has to be No1 as we moan its too Hot and tomorrow it will be too cold then in winter we get Snow and in April we get Showers with even Gales in the autumnYes the Brits are great if they can find something to moan about they will and they do and if they can't they will make one up that doesn't even exist

As we continue or report on North Coast 500 Facebook pages one thing that comes up time and time again is an onslaught of a minority of locals who seem to blame the upsurge in potholes purely at the increase of visitors traffic causing the damage to the roadsSome comments have been downright rude and offensive towards visitors and like many other subjects on these so called North Coast Facebook fan pages it is increasingly getting worse with very little from the page admins to stop itPot Holes are caused by many factors and yes increase in traffic is one. The Great British weather is anotherPotholes occur when snow and ice melt as part of seasonal freeze-thaw cycles. The resulting water then seeps beneath the roads through cracks caused by the wear and tear of trafficAs the temperatures cool to freezing at night the water becomes ice and expands below the road surface forcing the road surface to riseAs the weight of traffic continues to pound on this raised section  and the temperatures once again rise above freezing a shallow divot occurs under the surface and the road surface breaks forming a potholeWe have always said that for things like the roads in the Highlands which are an important part of the total infrastructure to keep the North Coast 500 route a success it needs vital investmentSadly like all aspects of every councils budget in the UK there is a distinct lack in fundsThe Highland Council has approximately 7000 kilometres / 4350 miles in its road network. Simple Maths will tell you that it may cost a large sum to resurface all of itSo I assume they prioritise the repair as and when necessary. They even have a page online where individuals can report pot holes and other road problems at report. I wonder how often these moaners have used that page as opposed to venting their anger on visitorsThe council admits the poor condition of roads across the Highland area is a particular concern not least in terms of the potential detrimental effect on tourism in futureAnd what some of the minority of moaners forget it is the increase in tourism that has lead to a significant economic benefit to the Highlands. Current forecasts say that they expect this year to top £15m  as a direct result of the NC500Our Local moaners now ask why the North Coast 500 do not give monies towards the roads.  I believe they spend a significant amount on the publicity for the increase in the visitors along with many other projects they do that all aid and help the benefit of visiting the HighlandsAlso it is certainly not their responsibility to help maintain the roadsAs far as I am aware all the bodies of the groups that have a vested interest in the route do meet from time to time and discuss the best way forwardIt is not only potholes that are a concern on the Route as you can add speeding driving too slow litter Wild Camping in the wrong places the list goes on but these are issues of the same type that places all over the World that attract visitors must deal withI am sure that those responsible for the route including individuals with a vested interest discuss at length to find the best solution to each problemLike anything in life it takes time I say give them timePotholes are sadly part and parcel of the price that must be paid. The route has only been in existence for a couple of years everyone connected with the route are learning and seeking the best way forwardYes the roads have been around since nigh on day dot and some may not be very suitable to the huge increase in traffic but these are lessons learnt and ones that need addressingWhere ever you go in the UK potholes are of a major concern they are not Unique to the HighlandsI just wish these minority moaners would cease from taking it out on potential visitors. Next they will say there are too many cyclists on the road boy don't get me started on them ………There seem to be a tiny minority that will not stop from blaming everything on the visitor as they must realise that they themselves use the roads much more than ever in compared to 10 20 years ago and the roads are much the same except they got potholesGo south and you will see something very familiar even in England and Wales and no it's not Highland Coos its Pot Holes……yep even they have them in abundanceAnd as I said in the initial title ' Pot Holes are the Unique ?NO "