It is not Just the Tourists

All Last Month and this Month of May we have been running along side the Keep Scotland Beautiful Campaign a message that should not have to be saidIt is more than the average "Pick up your Litter' and being honest it is a message that should not have to be said in the first place

Where ever you are where ever you go it is just common decency not to drop or throw it away in the first instanceEarlier today we published a report on Tourists getting the blame for potholes in the Highlands along the North Coast 500 route. This was mainly in response to some of the abuse aimed at tourists on certain so called North Coast 500 Facebook sitesLlitter comes in all shapes and sizes and it seems on the same Facebook pages it is Mr tourist that gets the blame for that alsoAlong with potholes and all the other things that the poor tourist gets blamed so why litter ?

Don't get me wrong tourists are like every other human being as that's what they are and they have as much a responsibility to ensure any litter is disposed of in the correct wayI have no doubt that the vast majority of Tourists do act in a responsible way and therefore should not be subjected to any form of abuse on these pagesI have lived long enough in the Highlands and the problems with litter is an every increasing one and I can assure you from first hand that those who live on the route are just as irresponsible as those who visitLike all problems it is a minorityWhere ever you go you will always get the minority spoiling or acting irresponsibleLast week I was sent photos from a Farm which shows that even locals can make a huge mess and act so irresponsibleTo dump rubbish anywhere is wrong but at a farm where livestock are aboutNot only that the farmer now becomes responsible to get rid of the rubbish

No the photos above I assume are not from a Tourist but this is an ever increasing problem throughout Scotland

Our Beaches are becoming a mess along with the rubbish washed up from our Oceans people Local or not think nothing about throwing it in the street or the park or where ever the feel with no disregard for who will clean it or even if an animal may find it and choke on itThere are thankfully people who are cleaning our waters and Beaches and a massive thanks goes to them all but it shouldn't be necessary in the first place

It made me so angry when I saw a video taken at a beach in the far North of Scotland which included a Paper Coffee cup and on the other side human excrementBoth are disgusting and both are so unnecessaryWhat made me even more angry was it was posted on NC500 facebook page (Not the Official One) and immediately after it was posted people started to blame visitors to the areaWith no proof as to who was responsibleEventually an online slanging match took place before it was removed very late by the admins but as normal the damage was doneWhat ever and who ever is responsible for any litter mess human excrement it is up to all of us to police itIf you see someone being irresponsible then tell them they are in the wrong they are the ones spoiling our country whether they are local or visitor

If anything Be proud of what Scotland has and Be proud if you're visiting of what you Scotland has to offer

Please let us keep it that way not for tomorrow But many tomorrows.