Back in April we published an Article To Pee or Not to Pee That is the QuestionNow we are following in from this after receiving a comment on the post from Gary Sutherland who like many are furious at the Highland council proposals to close 29 public toilets in the regionGary has started a petition for the ones in his area around Kinlochbervie where 9 are ear marked to closeWhat we want help is for those who have two minutes to spare to quickly sign the petition that's all it takesWe maffe the arguments before about why it was ridiculous to close these just because the Highland Council need to save monies like ever other councilThe visitor numbers to the area has increased what are the council and other authorities doing with the sincearesed income certainly not fixing roads by all accountsWhy these toilets cannot be fixed and some payment method to use them is introduced where a scheme like that would help them pay for themselves rather than take the easy option of closing theThe end result is possibly a decrease of visitors due to lack of infrastructer and public toilets being empty neglected and  and vandalised with probably graffiti one them which will cost the council monies to remove ?Not only that there will be more folk with crossed legs and more people seen standing at bushesHelp get these toilets to remain openClick logo below and help us spend a penny