Chelsea to Tour the North Coast 500

Great News as we hear our Good Friend Chelsea Dickenson from the website How Many Holidays is to Tour the North Coast 500We recently ran a story on Chelsea after she really made us jealous after she hit the News all over the place by saying the average Brit spends £3418 a year on holidays and she was going to get 10 for half that price……….Aye…….Yeah we thought she was having a laugh but she proved us wrongThis Wee Clever Lassie is just exceptional and reading and following her exploits really gives you the taste to make your own adventure in places you would never dream ofChelsea had to get at least 10 holidays and the trips must be 2 nights or more and two must be 5 nights or more and only use 28 days of annual leave. Not content there she added a few more rules to her challenge and they were that they must also be on at least 3 continents at least one flight must be business class………And how did she do well check out her site and find out you will be amazedBack to the North Coast 500 Chelsea has told us that she is hoping to do the route very soon and we hope that we can help you follow her on that tripI for one look forward to how she gets on as this will be an adventure like she has never had and we did tell her she may well be in for one hell of a pleasant surpriseKeep an eye out here for any news as we will bring it as soon as we know