Wander Where the WiFi is Weak




One thing about travelling in the 21st Century is we all expect that everywhere we go we have a good WiFi and at least a 3g signal.


The Route takes you to some of the most remote places in the Scottish Highlands and people forget that sometimes you are going to have a blank screen on your Mobile or ipad or other devices made by other folk, like Samsung...





We assume that before you set off you did all your planning and homework.

Part of that Homework may well have been to choose accomodation or campsites that advertises 'Free WiFi'.

We Did........Sometimes we wonder why we bothered.







As you travel you maybe surprised that throughout much of the Highlands the phone signal is quite good. Like all phone signals it will depend on who your provider is and where you happen to be. So between the Highlands and other rural areas of the UK then it is all about equal.


WiFi, well that is a different kettle of fish....or signal.......we did the route in 2018 and assuming that Broadband in the Highlands as not changed much in a year you will be pleased to know that in most places you are better off trying watch paint dry as you wait for a signal to bring Google up.


Many places do say they offer WiFi, many places do Have WiFi, but a vast majority do not have a half decent signal to allow you to check the latest Football Scores.


We would say, if you are planning on doing the route and that WiFi is important to you then check and double check when a place states they have Free WiFi.

They may well do, but i could advertise that i have chickens, but don't expect to see them running around, they are breasts in my fridge, but they are chicken.




The places we vsitied we had to stand in a certain place and sometimes in a certain way to gain a decent signal. How we were never apporached by Police for acting in a suspicious way was only because you don't see the police, they are as rare as a good WiFi signal.


Remember that this is not a big urban city with fast broadband speeds and 3 and 4g signals flying through the air. 

You will experience plenty times where you will have no signal at all for long periods so beware, the nearest garage, hospital, or even house at time can be some distance away. Be prepared, do not rely on a phone signal and try not to Wander Where the WiFi is Weak........