Yet again another negative and damaging article has appeared in the P&J.
It seems that this paper is hell bent on printing anything that will damage the North Coast 500.
We have long argued that there will always be problems when you have an influx of tourists. Since its conception the NC500 has created jobs and business and increased the economy of the Highlands.
Now they have decided to print another report saying, "Residents living along the scenic NC500 route yesterday hit out at tourists driving dangerously and blocking roads."
Firstly a tourist or non tourist stopping on the road to take photos, agreed not the thing to do, but believe it or not this happens all over the World…..
The silly tourist drivers……Eh, how is it that locals are such good considerate drivers…..Not…...
Highland councillor, Kirsteen Currie has done her constituents a disservice by openly criticising something that has created jobs and new businesses in her area….her alternative would be…….still waiting…..
She also states, “It is like we have set up a Disneyland where people can come and look as us in our nice wee rural lives, as they whizz by in their camper van or sports car.
“But this is real life, and it can be very frustrating. It is not sustainable.
“I often hear stories of health visitors and other staff in the NHS who are trying to get out to do home visits, and journeys that would be 20 minutes in the winter, take more than an hour when the NC500 is in full swing."
I wonder where she goes on holiday, no doubt somewhere where she goes so she can look at the Wee people and their rural lives, be it in Spain or any other tourist place on this planet.
Thankfully not all are as damming as the P&J or councillor Kirsteen Currie. Councillor Raymond Bremner, who lives on the east coast at Thrumster, Wick said: “The NC500 has brought a big economic boost for the Highlands in all sorts of ways.
Finally someone who actually knows what he is speaking about…...
For decades the young of the Highlands have left to find work, now we have an opportunity to change that, but yet there is always ones who are too critical.
We find it sad that councillors like Kirsteen Currie are like the P&J, so critical of something most countries would die for……..