The Forgotten Town

Now this article is about something that I just had to include. To say I maybe a bit bias is probably an understatement.Being born and breed in Wick although I left when I was 17 and that was a few years ago although I have returned to see family and in my older years I feel that they are lucky ones still being there.  It is true that you never know what you have got till its gone the same goes that you never appreciate your surroundings etc until the day you leave and it's true there is no place like Home and Wick still is.This article from the Daily Mail is one that I totally agree with. Not only just about Wick but the whole East coast gets a bad deal from online sites like Facebook and the North Coast 500 sites that all push the West Coast. Don't get me wrong the West is " The Best" when searching for that scenic look. But it all depends what your after and to me if you're travelling a country then at least try and find out what the country is all about the past and its present.Caithness is possibly one of the best examples in Europe of things from the Past. Check out Caithness Brochs and The Flow Country websites and just those two alone will explain as much as you need about how much there is to explore and understand about just the land itself.The article in the Mail explains the Pultneytown Distillery in Wick which is a must visit and so to is the Wick Heritage Museum and even the smallest Street in the World is a must for a photo stop so check out the MacKays Hotel for more info.Not only can you enjoy the benefits that Wick has to offer but it allows you to fully understand life in the past and how the Highlanders lived and evolved.Again the article hits on a great point and that is regarding the boat trips that can be had. This allows you to see Caithness and its magnificent coast line the best way possible and even the wildlife is worth the Trip.Check out the article and hopefully on your trip you will make a point on discovering Wick "The Forgotten Town