The Success of Scotlands Tourism

Lately there have been several financial reports regarding the Boom of tourism in Scotland and more so since the conception the North Coast 500Online depending which Facebook page you follow you will see and learn that many locals on the NC500 are loving the added bonus of extra tourists bringing extra revenueAlready there are many new enterprises popping up and those who do own B&B's in the area are now upping there game as they battle for good reviews and more booking etcAll this is great news to an area which for decades if not since the Clearances of the 18th & 19th Centuries has seen  its chances of a growth in economics fortunes suddenly take a turn for the betterMany folk for such a long time in the Highlands have had to move south for better job prospects. The Oil came and brought a brighter future which now maybe dissipating due to the worldwide drop in its price. Yes there are other industries in the Highlands but the Fishing one of the main contributors to the economy has long since died. And there has always been one thing the Highlands has it always been there staring us all in the face as we walked over it every day. The Place we live the Highlands call it what you want you can call it after the Trademarked names of NC500 or The North Coast 500 these are names now used to make money but to me it should be for the people who live and breath the Highlands that should benefitHence reading a story that Visit Scotland believe that tourism in Scotland has grown to a healthy £11 billion is great news.  To me it is as good as our government and local authorities are at opening the money back in to it infrastructure. Making money out of tourism is only as good as what you invest in it. If our Government and authorities do not then sadly we will see decline like we have in Fishing and other industries and the Highlands will be back to square one trying its best to survive and hold on to its young folkSadly there is always a dark side to a bright side you know two side to each storyAlthough the success of the NC500 or as its known here and around the World "Scotlands Route 66 its success has been greeted from many people across the globe and yes its created problemsCheck out some Facebook pages where a tourist asks a "Tourist" Question only to be greeted by a torrent of sarcasm and abuse from local folk the minority but still localFor some reason the few see this as an invasion on there green and pleasant land. They fail to grasp the benefits which are so great that they may only get this one chance. If they the minority have problem then speak to the authorities to take action stop telling folk to pick up there rubbish and slow down and stop driving large vehicle and ruining the road surface. The abuse goes on and on and gets slowly worse.  Cant these folk realise that so many people depend on these invaders to make a living without them you can't make a livingI seriously hope now that the success of the North Coast 500 or NC500 or better still Scotlands Route 66 that the powers that be who are sitting on a big fat wad of money WILL reinvest not just in the Highlands but all over Scotland. Tourism is such an asset to our Country take it lightly and we will all pay heavilyLets hope next time Visit Scotland do a survey they find that the Income in Tourism has grown and that the Expenditure on it has also grown Click to Read the Article  "