Here's a great article from the Herald Scotland if you missed it when it was first printed in June so I thought I would share it here.

Many folk complain about the ROUTE and most of them local.

When something like the route takes off it is bound to leave a bad taste in some folks mouths.

For decades the local communities of the Highlands have seen there folk leave to travel south seeking employment.

I suppose you can go back as far as the clearances but lets not dwell on that part of history...

I myself from a large family of 11 kids moved south for employment and in fact all bar two of us left for a better life down south or overseas.

Thankfully things are changing in the Highlands and employment is growing.

Now in our older age bracket we have all returned to Scotland with three in the Highlands.

But on a serious note although the Route comes with its own problems and challenges both to the Locals and Authorities it is certainly something that if correctly managed will benefit all in the years to come.

I hear those that complain whether it be busy roads, fast cars, litter and the list goes on but surely the other side is to put your head in the sand and wish nothing better for the Highlands future generations.

Yes there are many more more folk on the roads and just as many more spending there monies.

Places like John O'Groats has for decades been a focus for travellers and holiday makers from all over the World. It has changed and adapted and will continue to do so.

If a small tiny community like the Groats can adapt then like it or not the rest will have to embrace it and all it brings good and bad or be faced like I was to seek employment away from Home...


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